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Everyone around her had a glass of pure water and they were drinking,
But somehow she got something like water no taste, no colour but that was a slow poison.

when everyone was thirsty they drank water and she foolishly drank that poison,
Everyone who saw this called her a fool cause she was drinking poison, All of them screamed at her not to drink poison but none of them were willing to share what they had.. She neither asked, they never gave.
With each sip her health deteriorated and eventually she died one day.
The same people again blamed her and called her a fool.No one remembered if anyone cared to share what they could.

And that’s what happens always, Everyone preach and howl and blame but someone hardly cares. I say if you don’t truly care, don’t even dare to preach even in your mind.

          Ananya Surendran 👩‍⚖️


I rarely write positive notes, but today I reminded myself of a few🤭

🌸Read well

🌸Work as much ‘you can’ physically

🌸Make plans

🌸Dream more

🌸Keep a smile but never ever discuss your plans with demotivating people who surrounds you, by this time you very well know who they are right😉 Keep in mind not all your family, not all your friends, not all your colleagues are gonna support you. They are not the ones committed to your goals and plans, but you are, so that’s simple, you stay committed to your dreams and wishes😊

🌸And a few more things that I don’t follow but I guess I should start doing like, eat well😛 drink well,
sleep early, sleep well, rise early that itself clears so much of clutter.

🌸Shit can happen anytime, so whenever the moment it doesn’t happen stay happy and hopeful and lively and cheerful, do all the crazy naughty exciting stuffs you want,atleast try☺ believe you won’t regret.

🌸On a last note, stay kind and stay empathetic if it’s there in you.😊

Love Anu🏵

To heal.

People say time heals,
Nothing heals!

I have tried everything,
Moved out of place,
Left everything and everyone where the memories haunt!
Started new life,
Met new people,
Not intentionally, yet made new friends,
Heard their stories,
Distracted myself,
Did fall in love again,
Made relationships again,
Life changed,
Career changed,
People changed,
I changed!!
Went through all twists and turns and ups and downs and what not!
And yet, nothing healed,
I’m still stuck at the night when I got the message,
when I tried calling and it said switched off!
I’m still stuck where I did touch that coffin!
I’m still stuck when I went numb,
I remember I didn’t cry..
I felt like I suddenly got lost in a big crowd,
A very very big crowd,where there are so many people moving in and around
And I’m lost!
Ages later, And I’m still there!
But not numb anymore
I can feel that pain
And I feel the fear
And that’s sick,
Desperate and furious and I don’t know is there anymore words!
People say time heals,
Nothing heals,
10 years or 12 years or 20 years,
Nothing heals!
Cause people like me are always in denial
Cause accepting would hurt, so denial and futile search in anyone or anywhere for the one dead!
And where would that take,
No contentment, never happy!!
That coffin still haunts me,
That love still haunts me,
It will keep till I believe lost is lost and the dead is dead!

P.S.I still got no courage to use the term dead… but now using it , and I’m using it purposefully so that I get in terms with reality somehow, I’m trying to let it go.. when we keep being in denial mode its never gonna heal..trying to cover up the sulking wounds out of fear or pain is not gonna help heal the wound..the first step is let go off denial and accepting, howmuch ever it hurts.. when bad things happen we try to believe it didn’t happen so that we can move on in life, but the thing is we might move on in life but the wound still remains and that really really haunts us later. So the first step is start accepting..with time accepting won’t be as hard as it would have been in the beginning. I try for it now..I don’t know how long I will take it..but I promise myself to make all efforts.
Thanks bearing my insanity🙏