The only place I faced gender discrimination!! My journal

I never faced gender discrimination in anywhere I walked, never in my school, college, NGO’s or in my workplace. Never ever! In fact I was always uplifted, motivated and made to come forward regardless of my gender. But the place where I had to go through this bizarre hell is the very close circle of mine, my very family! I mean I just can’t believe this. Can this be happening in the so called elite literate class of people. But that’s the mere Sulking truth!!

        I belong to a very big family and I’m so much a family person. Each and every minute decisions are being carefully scrutinised, approved and finalised by the elder male members of my family.  And its just not always possible for one to go and correct each and every one of them.We respect all but wrong is wrong and at no cost can wrong be justified no matter who!
    I grew up watching the woes and miseries of the helpless women. So many, so many of them. Even as a kid I found it disturbing. The agonies of the not so educated, unemployed helpless women.. I saw them many. But then I thought I was different. I went to the most prominent school of my place, I was provided the most privileged education and all the fortunes. And I imagined I was different from all of them and I believed I’m gonna be the queen of my dreams!

But no! I realized it very late!
Whoever got ‘her’ voice to speak up, whoever got ‘her’ own battles to fight, whoever got ‘her’ own dreams to chase,
Will be sabotaged, no one is exceptional! She will have to pay for it. That’s the unwritten rule.
And everyone has followed this and everyone is following it even now. Okay well fine. Peace is all we want. But what about the men! Who decides the limits for them. No one. And they are as free as they are, regardless of age, time, place!! Wonderful. I mean does that really sound wonderful.
This has happened with me and this is happening with me and
I’m not gonna accept it never ever.
I’m not quite sure if I’m the only one who see all these kinda bizarre stuffs. May be I’m. I don’t know.

       I mean to say this clearly, yes, family do comes first, at least for me! But just because I’m a girl, I’m a woman I have to sacrifice myself all the time and everything and you can suppress and oppress me like anything, and just because he is a man and he can live a life of his choice with prosperity!! oh I’m really so sorry I will have to disappoint those people. They say the society, the rules.. I ask who sets these partial rules and for whom do they set this!! Only to keep women in agony generation after after generation. I don’t know. I
mean I just don’t find it a fair deal. And I’m not ready to accept it like my fate or whatever.

I believe wrong happen with us mostly only when we allow it. If any body out their like me face these, don’t just accept and allow this to happen. We are not bewitched. We are not feeble, weak or the epitome of  sacrifice! We are the fighters and We don’t accept anything less than success. We are the queens of our dreams and we are not gonna let it die.
Family plays a crucial role in the growth of a person. You allow your boy to grow with his dreams and you shatter and crush out your girls dreams and later you call her the arrogant, rude, disobedient, selfish daughter then she just don’t give a damn, you just take it, you made her that!

P.S. I have heard people say now in this modern high tech era there is no discrimination based on gender but I face it then I felt I should at least speak it out.

Threat of corona or the threat of hunger!

The damn hit of  corona virus pandemic has affected each and every one of us. The rich and the poor, the city and the village, the stronger and the meagre, the king and his people are all in the threatful swings of this hailing virus. Yeah we are all hit, but whom did it hit hard makes the difference.

Here when I write this, I’m sitting comfortably on my cosy chair enjoying my mother made snacks and tea. Then if you ask me so are you not affected by all this! Yeah, I’m. In my place we are all strictly under lockdown and I do have elderly people at home about whom I’m really concerned of. And this has also affected my normal day life as well as my in future plans too. But if you ask me is my basic survival affected by corona virus.
Then I should God’s grace not yet!

But is this the case for all?? No, never at all! There are millions of people all over whose basic survival is under threat due to corona virus pandemic. The daily wage workers, people who are paid the least, the farmers, the migrant workers, and all the socially poor class people make up the list. Their normal livelihood is in peril. Food,the basic need is at scarce.

The poor face it difficult to provide food to their kids loosing their jobs and being utterly dumped into misery. The already existing challenge of the kids under malnutrition and stunted growth has now come up with more a higher degree. Both the quality and the quantity of the food has been drastically strained.

This is not a small arena picture. In fact as per the reports nearly 8.9% of the human population is under the evil hands of hunger and Asia makes a predominant place in this. The burden of hunger and food shortage is rising day by day. The call of hunger is getting louder. If this persists our dream of a no hunger world is never in a near future.

In this whole world we are well self sufficient. We have food for all of us. But may be as Gandhiji said it not for the greed. I say it should reach the hands of all. I’m not quite aware of its challenges. I just know so many people are hungry around. And I just want it to vanish. But it just won’t I know.

Measures at the governmental level including more food distribution packages and programs can be a help to an extent I guess. But I don’t know what exactly I as a person can do as a part to erase this misery from this whole world. I wish if I had that magical power to wipe it out whole. I just cannot tolerate those images of hungry kids starving for food. Yeah when I think I feel disturbed being at my comfort zone. Wide scale reforms may not be in our hands. We may not be able to feed the millions of hungry people around the world. But we can of course feed the one near us. Yeah it doesn’t make a big change, but it for sure makes the change to one single person or may be a little smile on a kid craving for food.
I’m reminded of these words of Mother Teresa ” If you cannot feed a hundred people, just feed one” Let’s do our best together in this time of distress and abate the misery. No effort goes more or less these days.
Love you all.. Tc.❤

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