She can be trashed,
She can be ditched,
Yet she cannot be uprooted,
Cause her roots are deep and strong
And she is firm!
She is the fire that burns and burns,
But she is born to win and
finally wins to glow!!
Smash her, crash her, ruin her,
Yet she will revive,
Revive to more beauty, more strength and more power..
She is sharp,
She smiles, but you cannot deceive her..
Cause she is that depth you see beyond!
Gallant, magnificent!!🤗

©Ananya Surendran

Clouded why’s

The reason why we don’t get an answer for so many “why’s ” in our life is that we are so much clouded with our emotions.
The feelings or emotions make us so blind that we often end up unanswered and illogical.

For a while keep the emotions apart and think not from heart and not with feelings, think just with some logic and a minimum common sense and then you find all the unanswered traumas reasoned enough!

So I say whenever something wrong happens just calm down and think with brain.
I often used to be a person who feel and also think with my heart it seems, and that always and always ended up me dumb,I mean literally dumb!
I used to be full of heart and less of brain. I feel more and think less and that was reaching me nowhere!

It’s good to feel more with heart but never ever forget you got some brain too!🤟
Say for instance,
Somebody has been treating you bad for so long may be your family, your friends or your partner or anybody, that can be anybody. You might be so clouded with so much of emotions for the person,some sort of sympathy, empathy, love or care that you fail to see a reason for their behaviour.. you keep feeling with heart and keep asking why why is this so.

Now I say keep your heart apart, keep all the illogical emotions apart and start thinking with minimum common sense why should some one treat you bad, do you deserve this or may be in the first place you should ask why would you have to tolerate someone who treats you wrong.. what logic exists there, may be feelings exist but what logic at all. There exist no logic for any shits🤷‍♀️ Shits keep happening mess keep happening mostly cause you are acting senseless. Take control of the emotions.
You don’t need to succumb to anything of that sort at all.
Feelings and emotions are good.. but they should be the ones that lift you up not the ones that drain you, drown you and exhaust you with so many why’s.

Don’t get clouded with feelings and fail to see the real pictures. Feel with heart but don’t drown in it, you got some brain too.

©Ananya Surendran

Towards peace and happiness-I

Embrace your damages,
It’s equally the dark and light that makes you,
Not that illusioned sketch of perfection!

The world is here to label you, no matter what..
You struggle to walk you will be called limb!
You struggle to see, you will be called blind!
You struggle to hear, you will be called deaf!
You cannot talk, you will be called dumb!

You survive abuse,
You survive attack,
You survive rape or whatsoever ,
you will be labelled a victim throughout!

Cause the world just love being pessimistic..
The world will love to hit on all your inadequacies everyday,
The world will also love to give that stinging remainder of all your traumas every moment they get you,
And the world will also never forget to prick on your unhealed wounds everytime given a chance!

And this will never stop..

Cause everywhere, there is this run for that illusioned sketch of perfection!

And imperfect damaged people like me find it hard to fit in,
Having tired so much, I stopped..
I find it more easy to happily embrace my damages,
My own world of insanity,
And all my imperfections rather than trying to fit into spaces which are never mine!
I guess,
The more our damages are embraced the more daring we become! And less there is this urge for perfection the more there will be peace!🌸🌸

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