Do we bother!

You lock people,
You take massive decisions,
And then you blurt out ,It’s for the sake of all,
It’s for the sake of land,
It’s for the sake of people!!
And then you are not able to take control of anything,
People die and people flee!
Shame on you!!!
And more shame on those civilized ones who support this barbaric politics ruthlessly playing with the lives of people for ages, and forever desolating them from the rest of us!

People like you and me,
Have tea, watch news, discuss the benefits and implications, sitting on our couch, in our living room, in our house will never get the idea of being forced to flee from one’s own home for the sake of life!!

                                    Ananya Surendran

I fear!

I see amma and I realize, Some people have forgotten happiness like forever,
Wake up,to the household chores settled herself for that,
Has she forgotten her happiness,something owned all by her own,
Numb or desperate deep inside I don’t know,
Some how even I’m at her same place..
Numb or desperate deep inside I don’t know,
But I have that quest for happiness always,
Which I fear, eventually failing to gather,
Will I loose like amma,
Like she did,
Like she settled herself for not wanting to know what happiness is anymore!

©Ananya Surendran🌺

Random post!

We have heard a lot about therapy,medications and counselling sessions for the recovery from trauma of any sort.
But the real thing is no single therapy no counselling no medications would work if the environment being provided is still damaging. It’s that healthy pleasant environment of your family,friends,colleagues,near and dear ones that make any therapy,any counselling any medication work.
That outdated concept of real authentic care,support and love is mainly you need you know. Otherwise suggested any amount of medications or highly rated therapies are all pure a crap.
There is no one single solution for traumas.
Every other contributing factors should get in well to heal from it.
So next time some one seeks your help you know what you ought to do if you really wanna do something.
If not, atleast stop giving blunt makes them feel horrible, really never know!
Ananya Surendran


How’s anxiety like…
Anxiety is like the breath starts getting so heavy…
Which means breathing sucks, like literally it do..and that’s the most toughest part..
You lose your appetite,
You skip your meals..
You are in your bed,
Like bedridden or something, that’s another sulking part..
You lie there but you are not sleeping,
You lie there with a hundred racing thoughts,
A hundred traumatized thoughts per second,
For so many unresolved reasons yet not for a particular reason!
And that’s how anxiety is like for me!
Hell sickening!!

Protest’s surfacing in Lakshadweep after new Govt.laws

Located in the Arabian sea, Lakshadweep Island is the only part of India where nature has been existing in its purest form, with no traces of exploitation.The archipelago is a collection of 36 islands, of which 10 are inhabited. Located on the southwestern coast of the Indian peninsula the island has just a population of […]

Protest’s surfacing in Lakshadweep after new Govt.laws

Now you scare not!

All your experiences you endured,
Your traumas,
Deadly days,
Fearful nights,
Your trembles,
Your weeps,
Your scars,
All your own!
Call it your armour!

Not that you ever deserved,
But they are remembrances..
Your own remembrances,
of Your strength,
Your resilience,
How you survived,
How you overcame!
Own them all,
With full grace!

And now, ‘that’ you cannot be defeated by anyone else..
Cause you have strived it all,
long before, the defeats by the fate!

You might fall in midst again,

Yet your armour will save you through..

The lessons you learned shall not be forgotten..

The remembrances of your darkest days shall now lead you to light!

So now move ahead with all that charm with peace..

Believe, you made it through all the time..

You will again..

Believe, how ever lost you are ,

You will get back again..

Trust in your journey..

Trust in Almighty..

Trust in you…

P.S. Smile, love, live!😊

©Ananya Surendran🌺


Was scrolling down and this insta post made me write this!

I myself learnt it very late that marriage is a public issue rather than one’s own very private matter. So when we say a no to marriage at any point of time, no family, no friends and no society understand that its each one’s personal choice what to do, when to do and with whom to do😜

But unfortunately whenever you say a no there are millions of allegations made against you and that comes from almost each and every person that includes your own family, your own close friends, all your own and not your own people.

The conclusions people make when someone says I’m not prepared for marriage now is either that the person is mentally or physically unfit, somebody might have cheated them, or they might have got some STD etc etc.

I wish if people understood that a person can have so many other priorities, wishes and choices in their life other than getting hooked with some idiot who comes to have some tea and see the amount of gold being offered.
Unfortunately this thought just doesn’t enter anybody’s head.

Unmarried girls/women are mostly treated so bad, they are mostly made odd one out from almost all places and discussions, picturised as mentally or physically unfit, approached with wrong intentions, their parents are being tortured cause unfortunately their child got some aims and dreams. Similarly so many many other shits is being done in the so called literate elite society. I name these people stupid and nothing else. And some people might have gone through this hell so much and now they are like I don’t care a damn.

I would like to add…

Unmarried girls/women are not banned here..we do deserve to live here with all peace and dignity. 🙏

P.S. Among the so many other tortures I have faced in my life marriage torture ‘was’ the worst. Not anymore and I wrote this from my personal hard feelings😃

Take care.

Stay safe.

Love you all😘😘

©Ananya Surendran

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